Emma Janson
The most entertaining draw in Discovering Sanity is the cast of characters that populate the Northern Lights facility—part hospital, part vineyard, each resident has a story that blends heart-wrenching tragedy with absurd dark comedy.

Discovering Sanity was filled with tender moments, advice, profound lines that made me think and it was appropriately balanced with laughable moments and happy upswings.

The concept that initially lured me into Discovering Sanity did not fail to deliver, as both her profession and her affliction yield thought-provoking and humorous situations. The plot is well-constructed and easy to follow, with interesting kinks (and kink!) here and there.

I loved the way the author understands the Latino culture even in this fiction masterpiece of Discovering Sanity. Every Latino reading aficionado wether romantic or macho person, needs to own it. La forma en que el creador de esta novela de ficsion, entiende la cultura Latina especialmente La Mexicana, te mantiene en suspenso y emosion. Yo recomiendo este Libro que es tan fabuloso y entretenido. This novella will keep you on the edge of your own state of mind, wondering how much it relates to yourself. Del principio al final, cada capitulo te mantendra may cerca del avismo y la fantacia. Disfruta lo real y lo mas odsurdo facil de comprender! The author of Discovering Sanity goes far more than just insanity, she explores the sanity many people have and anybody hardly comprehends.

Old Man Steve is the face and talent of his own quirky YouTube channel. He is 76 years old but he is feisty and totally adorable. You can see his video review of Narcoleptic Hooker here. Like his review and share!

Sexy, dirty, ruthless, brutal, trashy, smutty, twisted, and a bit insane, Emma Janson’s sophomore novel Narcoleptic Hooker is a daring dive into depravity and mob-fueled mayhem. 

Narcoleptic Hooker is a mad mixed bag thrown into the Goodfellas-lite blender.
Where Unashamed really excels is in showing, without being preachy, the lasting effect hiding one’s sexuality can have on a person.

unashamed is not disgusting, but wickedly smutty and laugh out loud. It's a story of finding out who she really is and it was very refreshing. 4.5 Stars from me.

Unashamed is fast moving confessional memoir, in strict first person, as if Emma Janson were sitting across the table, telling all about her sexual explorations from puberty to the edge of middle age, when she finally has it all figured out. It's an honest account, but not intended to be an erotic one.

Emma Janson

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